• Qingdao Signal Hill

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  • Therelove  Uploaded on  2016-07-13
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  • Qingdao signal mountain is located in the south of the mountain, Qingdao, southwest, 98 meters above sea level, an area of 6.3 hectares. Signal Hill is a high mountain in the urban area, the mountain at the amount of three red mushroom floor like three burning torch, stands in the pine, green trees, especially eye-catching. The mountain was originally called the big stone mountain, because the mountain named after the multi-granite boulder. After the completion of the Qingdao port, the mountain has built the letter flag platform, designed for ships and sailing into the port when the signal transmission, so named "Signal Hill", also known as "hanging flag mountain." Also because the mountain is located in Longshan, Fulongshan, Longhua, Longkou, Longjiang five with the word between the junction of the dragon, it is also called Wulongshan. It is facing the sea, back according to the urban area, is to watch the former sea area and the urban landscape of one of the best scenic spots.