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  10. Chaka Salt Lake, also known as Chaka or Dabson Nur, is located in Qinghai Province, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Wulan County, a salt lake near the town. "Chaka" is Tibetan, meaning salt pool, that is, the salt of Qinghai; "Dabson Nur" is Mongolian, but also the meaning of salt lake.The geographical coordinates of Chaka Salt Lake are 99 ° 02 '~ 99 ° 02' east longitude and 36 ° 18 '~ 36 ° 45' north latitude. It is located in the west of the tea basin, 15.8km long and 9.2km wide, with an area of 154k㎡ and an elevation of 3059m. The Chaka basin is 80km long and 30km wide and 2400km. It is the south of the Era Mountains, north of Qinghai Nanshan, separated from the Qinghai Lake. Salt Lake at the edge of the radial distribution of the tea card River, Mo River, Xiao Khan Wusu River and other rivers into the lake, in the eastern part of the lake water development, in the form of groundwater supply Chaka salt lake basin.Chaka Salt Lake is known as the "Mirror of the Sky" by the travelers, and it is known as "the four major scenic spots in Qinghai" with the Tyler Temple, Qinghai Lake and Mengda Tianchi. It is regarded as "one of the 55 places where people's life should go "by the National Tourism Geography magazine.
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