Colorful Danxia Scenic Area, Zhangye City, Gansu Province     Holley  Uploaded on  2017-08-26 16:56:39     Views:   A total of 2 photos

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  10. Colorful Danxia landform is located in Nijiaying Township Nantai Village Linze County, Zhangye City, Gansu Province, its average elevation of 1850 meters, about 45 km from east to west, north and south width of 10 km. The Danxia landform group with its large area, concentrated, stratified staggered, steep rock, magnificent, strange shape, colorful and amazing, with red, yellow, white, green and blue, hue with the ups and downs Wavy, but also from the top of the mountain oblique mountain root, like a sloping cloth, in the sun's exposure, it is like a layer of red veil covered, sparkling flooding, unusually bright colors, feeling particularly amazing
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