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  10. The average mountain range of Qilian Mountains is between 4000 and 5000 meters, and the alpine snow forms a long and wide glacier landscape.
    Altitude above 4000 meters, known as the snow line. In the Qilian Mountains above the snow line, often appear reverse biological spectacle. Among the snow-capped mountains, there are mushroom-like silkworms called snow-capped meadow plants, as well as precious medicinal herbs - alpine snow lotus, and snow-capped grass grown under wind erosion. Therefore, the snow lotus, silk paste, snow grass is also known as the Qilian Mountains on the snow line "cold three friends." The Qilian Mountains steppe, which represents the Malaysian grassland in the basins between the mountain and the Qilian Mountains. Every year in July, August, with the grasslands of the Qilian Mountains is still wrapped in silver, while the grassland is boundless expanse of blue, horses, cattle, sheep among them.
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