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  10. Zhuoer Hill belongs to Danxia landform, composed of red sandstone and conglomerate. Tibetan called "Zongmu Ma glaze horse", meaning the beautiful rosy Queen. Zhuoer Hill scenic area project construction is located in Qilian County, Qinghai Province, eight Baobao town, close to the eight treasure river and the Tibetan mountain mountain Ami Dong Suo (cattle heart) across the river.Standing Zhuoer Hill top view is extremely open, surrounded by no shelter, across the mountain is a mountain view of the four seasons view of the heart of the cattle heart, on both sides are the pull hole gorge and white Yanggou scenic area, the back is the rolling Qilian Mountains, the foot of the mountain Babao River is like a white Hada around the county. Everywhere beautiful scenery, like a fairyland, it is refreshing.
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