• Take a big guest to Tibet

  •  In the summer vacation of 2019, because the eldest daughter Zhou Zhou has been in high school and her husband has no time to work, I sacrificed July to accompany her to study at home and take care of the younger daughter by the way. But I am on the road of family spirit, and I want to travel everywhere every day.

    Iran, originally far from my travel plan, one day, my college classmate rice asked me: there is a place where legends are very dangerous, and there may be a war, do you want to go to see it together?? In recent years, rice has been a foreign travel enthusiast and has traveled through many countries. She knows me, so she lures me with the word "danger". She knows that I will definitely say "go!"
    We have a Chinese friend, a native of Zhejiang Province, who married to yazide, Iran, and opened a home stay in yazide. She told us that Iran is very safe, not as dangerous as it is said. With her, our hearts are stable a lot.



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