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  •  As we grow older, we are more and more fond of reading some historical books. We are dabbling in Chinese history, European history and other books. Chinese history has a long history and is in one continuous line. After the eastern Rome, the European history has entered the dark middle ages, which is difficult to be like the Chinese Civilization: Xia, Shang, Zhou, spring and autumn, Warring States, Tang, song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, which can be linked with a main line. It's not that I want to study history, it's just my hobbies. History has always been written by successful people. Most of the history books we see have limitations. They all belittle the former history and beautify their own history.

    Rome, the capital of Italy, has been the center of Western civilization for centuries. According to historical records, European civilization originated from Aegean civilization, and then developed into ancient Greek civilization, which in turn inherited and carried forward Greek civilization. Ancient Roman civilization began in the early 9th century BC, and by 395, the Roman Empire was divided into two parts: the East and the West. The Western Roman Empire died in 476. The Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) became a feudal state, which was destroyed by the Ottoman Empire in 1453.
    The four ancient civilizations we learned in school are the general names of the world's four ancient civilizations, which are widely spread in China. There are still disputes in the world. They are ancient Babylon (in West Asia, today's Iraq), ancient Egypt (in North Africa, today's Egypt), ancient India (in South Asia, covering today's India, Pakistan and other countries) and China (in East Asia, today's people's Republic of China).
    In fact, the four ancient civilizations correspond to the four birthplaces of the world's civilizations, namely, the two river basin (Mesopotamia), ancient Egypt, ancient India and China, which are the four earliest regions of human civilization, but later Aegean civilization is not included. The significance of the four ancient civilizations is not in the order of time, but in that they are the birthplaces of many later civilizations and have a great impact on their areas. The four major civilizations are original civilizations, while other civilizations belong to derivative civilizations, which are deeply influenced by the original civilizations in neighboring areas.
    Some historical books believe that "Babylon, ancient Egypt, ancient India, China and ancient Greece are the five birthplaces of civilization in the world".
    And the general criteria for judging whether an ancient country is civilized or not:
    The first condition: there should be a city
    Second condition: words
    The third condition: complex etiquette and architecture
    Some studies suggest that it is best to add a fourth condition: the invention and use of metallurgy
    To get back to the point, it's better to write about Italian self driving travel.
    It's the happiest thing for the family to travel abroad every year. Like Switzerland, the transportation is developed. Trains, buses and cable cars are connected seamlessly. The transportation is convenient. Sightseeing trains have stations in each town, and there are other means of transportation. A swisstone can be used without self driving. This trip to Italy will go deep into the mountains, mainly for accommodation. Self driving should be more suitable.

    Driving in Italy is super cool. There are almost no traffic lights on the road. The intersections are turntables. When the car passes the turntable, there are rules. Generally, stop before entering the turntable, and observe whether there is a car on the turntable. If there is a car on the turntable, let the car on the turntable pass first, and then start the turntable. People consciously abide by the rules. And the speed is very fast, the road pass rate is very high.
    The best thing is that the car doesn't seem to speed limit at high speed, so it drives very fast. The speed goes up to 150km / h, but there are still many cars that surpass me. It's a 96 kilometer journey, less than an hour. I can't even think of it in China. On the expressway, everyone consciously lets the overtaking lane run in the normal lane, and only uses the overtaking lane when overtaking is needed.
    Before entering the expressway, paper tickets are collected by self-service rather than domestic high-speed cards. Under the high-speed charge, there are three types: electronic automatic deduction, self-service payment and manual payment. There is a big logo on the top of the toll booth. The manual payment has a picture with paper money in hand, while self-service payment can be paid by cash or credit card, which is very convenient, but remember to take the paper ticket before entering the high-speed. I didn't know about it when I went from Milan to viacortii 5 limonesur Garda on the 15th. I didn't take it when I got on the highway. Fortunately, when I got out of the highway, I was told that I was driving from Milan airport. The toll collector checked it and gave me a card deduction. This journey is only 12 euro, cheaper than the domestic highway.
    Although it was more than 3 o'clock and the cable car stopped at 6 o'clock, it was decided to take the cable car to Hughes heights immediately.
    The alpine meadow is set off by the desolate and lofty mountains. In winter, it is a great skiing resort. The cable car is also for skiing. In a small town, there are only 10 days of cable car lines. I feel how developed the European cable car industry is.



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