• Taking the wind and snow to go to Anhui and Jiangxi, black tea, porcelain, ancient theater

  • For me, traveling is like taking drugs. It's hard to quit!
    In the Spring Festival of 2019, I visited the ancient county government of Fuliang, which is located outside the city of Fuliang. There are only two buses every morning. When you have finished the visit, you can either walk back to the county or take a private car. I asked more than n tourists in the parking lot, and no one wanted to take me. Hitchhiking in China is always a topic of lust. So I stood at the intersection and tried to wave my hand to the farmer's minivan. After waving my hand continuously, a Changhe finally stopped. The driver showed half his head from the window and shouted: 10 dollars of ocean!
    It's freezing in Jingdezhen in 2019. It's still raining in the rain. After I open the door and sit down, I close my umbrella and put it in the big backpack behind me. Shifu glances at it and says, "are you a donkey friend?"?
    Ha ha, the old man smiled and replied that you are very good at it!
    The master smiled and handed the golden sage to him. Every day I pass by here, I often see tourists carrying big bags and small bags like you, as if they call themselves "donkey friends".
    My old man waved to me not to smoke. In a strict sense, I was a backpacker at best, but I didn't meet the standard of a donkey friend. I was only a person who liked to play. I like to walk around.
    The master released the brake, stepped on the accelerator, and the car rushed out. When changing gears, he took a puff of smoke with a happy expression: I really envy you, and can run around freely!
    In fact, you can do it. The key is that you are willing to spend time, money and suffering. If you weigh this issue clearly, you will not have envious eyes.
    Shifu took two hard puffs at his butt, rolled down the window, and ejected the cigarette butts towards the rain and fog. He breathed a long sigh. The smell of nicotine filled the carriage, and a quiet sentence came out: it seems that no matter whether you are a donkey friend or a backpacker, you have no chance with me, but you walk so often, and the power to support you is Shenma?
    Without thinking, I vomited out: traveling is like taking drugs, and it's hard to quit...

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