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     After several years of full-time work, I finally went to work. Although I don't know if I can pass the assessment, I finally took the first step

    I feel uneasy and not confident. I think I have forgotten a lot of things. I need to pick them up again
    Among the 37 people trained together, the age is the largest. Among a group of small fart children, it's a bit out of place, mainly referring to interests and hobbies
    Of course, compared with professional ability, the gap in the workplace in recent years can only be envied by other people's talking, confident and logical speech and performance
    I can only tell myself that I have to work harder than others
    After the training, it was more than seven o'clock at home. My mother prepared the meal, had the meal and the baby's greasy meeting, took my mother and the baby out to get familiar with the environment, washed and brushed. At ten o'clock, I gave her a mobile phone. First, I wrote the homework for today's training and coaxed her to sleep
    11:30 at night
    Half an hour to sleep
    There are still 8 days of training, come on, insist, believe in yourself, you are the best

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